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Currently I am one of the two project leads for our Office 365 – New Work Style. As I promised to „work out loud“ and as a return for the great support from my networks, here is our Team and Project Introduction Video about our implementation and adoption journey. 
The global Digital Transformation Project is about to guide our Employees in the digital age – including Cloud, Mobility, more productive and easier Workflows, Networking Culture and Evergreen (everything constantly updated)

Soon I will share more details about our holistically new approach on Leading Change, Communication and „constant learning“ – made for todays dynamic, agile and challenging world. Stay tuned.

Some facts:

Target Group: about 150.000 employees worldwide / 500 locations / 50 countries

Toolset: Moving from various providers and tools to integrated solution with Microsoft Office 365 (Full scale including Teams, Stream, Planner, Flow… for everyone)

Main Challenges: Cloud, Infrastructure (Video), Evergreen (constant updates and no „stable final“), Adoption and learning (making people curious again), changing the organization to handle this dynamic