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  • How muting kills engagement

    How muting kills engagement

    On my mission to improve virtual and hybrid work: Stop MUTING, Start Talking! Ever asked yourself,why there is this strange silenceand little participationin virtual meetings? Before Covid, when many had little technical skills 😉 we learned that muting our microphones prohibits echo and ugly noises. During Lockdowns, we had the chance to learn, how virtual…


  • What makes a leader a „digital“ leader?

    What makes a leader a „digital“ leader?

    A big part of the Digital Transformation is the role of our leaders. At conferences, magazines and the internet we can read every day, that leaders have to change. I have a slightly different perspective on that. It sees whenever something new comes up, we are talking about „change“ as if there is a magic…


  • Change – Values – One size fits all?

    Change – Values – One size fits all?

    The second part of my thoughts about a modern change management approach is about values and the typical way in big company (or government) to roll out changes: „One size fit’s all“. In my experience today we are able to engage an individual change approach – of course we need a network of supporters for that,…


  • Warum Vertrauen – TRUST so wichtig ist?

    Warum Vertrauen – TRUST so wichtig ist?

    Gestern bin ich auf dieses Video zum Thema „VERTRAUEN“ aufmerksam geworden und möchte das hier noch einmal weiter-teilen, da es mir so wichtig erscheint. Wir sprechen so viel über Veränderung, Komplexität, Dynamik, Agilität, neue Beschäftigungsverhältnisse, Wandel in Hierarchien, Machtgefügen aber auch innerhalb der Familie, Beziehungen, Generationenvertrag… Wie können wir das alles leisten und vor allem…


  • Searching for a job? – ask the right questions!

    Searching for a job? – ask the right questions!

    I just had a discussion on what is #E20 (Enterprise 2.0) and we could clearly answer this one by „a holistic approach on how modern companies do business“. In the beginning of Social Media – it was all about Communication and collaboration. Marketing for products and of course for jobs. Today you will hardly find…