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netWORK Camp @Daimler

What a great day – Daimler goes digital and started with their first netWORK camp in Stuttgart. cxyzkygveaaks2w80 highly engaged colleagues gathered to get inspired, to align, share, do workshops and set pace for the digital Journey and Enterprise Social Media implementation. Goal is to build a Multiplier Network like we did with our global GUIDE Network at Continental.

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John Stepper (Father of Working Out Loud),

Lee Bryant (Famous Digital Strategist) and me have been invited to inspire with our keynotes and do some workshops together.

We all learned a lot that day..

Here is my „Storify Protocol“ – a collection of the more than 800 tweets of the participants (and us)

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Our Sender-Receiver Problem in Business

Sender-Receiver Problem in Business

Sender-Receiver Problem in Business

Yesterday in our Enterprise 2.0 Meetup in Stuttgart (here are some tweets about it), I presented my interpretation of the „Sender-Receiver“ Problem, which I often see in Business Situations and Leadership. The following model is based on the experience I made with the GUIDE Concept to introduce Social Business in a global company.

In the past I realized that the leader, project teams or authorities, which tried to change something in people, faced sometimes just little effect. Analyzing what „they“ wer thinking about (and focusing on) – giving tasks or trainings to others on one side and listening carefully about the questions the people had (and their reactions) on the other – showed me a big gap.

In the GUIDE concept I was trying to build the virtual team of the GUIDEs on a Vision (we built together) and „TRUST“ and giving people freedom to act (or I would call it „offering chances„), we could reach great, divers and fascinating results.

If we see every task or action – as a CHANGE for the potential target group, we might realize, that we need to think of the impact in a different way:

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