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  • Podcast Empfehlung Management 2.0

    Podcast Empfehlung Management 2.0

    Simon Dückert (Cogneon) kümmert sich um Wissensmanagement (nein, nicht die verstaubte Version, die leider viele noch kennen) und begleitet mittlere und große Firmen auf ihrem Weg in eine neue Zeit. Selbst in sozialen Netzen sehr aktiv gestaltet er auch die dortige „Wissenslandschaft“ mit Kursen, Beiträgen, Diskussionen, Consulting und eben auch seinem Management 2.0 Podcast – den…


  • My e20s presentation – material & photos & social story

    My e20s presentation – material & photos & social story

    As a review of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris this week – a great event with inspiring and most competent people, who really make a big difference in business transformation. Focus on HR, Leadership, Social Adoption or larger organizations, new workplace designs and as a red line throughout the conference: „Engagement“. You can choose…


  • Meet you at #e20s

    Meet you at #e20s

    Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris / France – will surely be again a great place to learn about digital transformation. With it’s focus on modern leadership, great speakers and modern setup – it is not only highly engaging but helps building long lasting and valuable relationships. My contribution this year: Expertise Panel: Strategies for Corporate…


  • Reporting live from Enterprise 2.0 Summit

    As yesterday I will be reporting live the (for me important statements) of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris. You can follow me on Twitter, follow the Conference Hashtag #e20s or check the Twitterwall (which is also displayed on stage) to get all updates live (and even participate) Kongress Media organizes this yearly, international event…