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Rethink reporting – and focus on business improvement

Reporting is dead - dashboards are here
Reporting is dead – dashboards are here

Isn’t it funny: people keep telling me, they have „no time“ to learn or do „cool stuff“, because they are so busy with their work. In this article, I want to show another example where many people in HR, Controlling, IT and many other functions can save enormous amount of time! Let’s check this aspect of the Digital Transformation and what WE can gain from it.

Let’s talk about REPORTING!

Management just loves numbers, traffic lights or graphs showing where we are and what might come next. Before any project, investment, or just on a regular basis, there are thousands and thousands of people creating reports to satisfy this need to reduce risks, provide a planning base or justify investments.

I had to do quality reporting in our electronic development for years back in the 90’s – and even back than,

the manual reporting process felt
„dis-respectful“ to a intelligent life-form.

Let’s take a look how reporting has been done:

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