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  • Ideas for a virtual christmas party

    Ideas for a virtual christmas party

    Corona does not allow to meet physically in bigger groups and yes sitting in front of a screen does not sound much like Christmas, fun or and adequate compromise – but not having any celebrating together does not feel like an option either. One big question of many managers, leaders, employees is: How to establish…


  • Merry Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas 2013

    I want to thank all my family, friends and the great people, I had the pleasure to walk together this year. It gives me the strong belief that there is a positive future for this sometimes sad world. Let me wish you all a wonderful Christmas among your loved ones. As a „present“ I would…


  • Merry Christmas

    I wish everyone a merry christmas and rich last days of this year. Most important are friends and family in this time of the year – it’s always more rewarding spending time with humans than technic and „dead“ things. Maybe it’s even the best time to take a break and think about live, sense and…